Dr. Jerry Pattengale

Executive Director of the Green Scholars Initiative

Jerry Pattengale is a Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion; Research Associate, Tyndale House-Cambridge; Research Scholar, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Senior Fellow, The Sagamore Institute; Assistant Provost, Indiana Wesleyan University; Exec. Dir. of National Conversations; Associate Publisher, Christian Scholar’s Review and board member for Religion News Service. He received the National Student Advocate Award (USC), two Professor of the Year Awards (APU), an NEH Award to Isthmia, Greece, and established the record viewership for the prominent Teaching Professor broadcasts (Madison, WI). Recent books include The Book of Books: Biblical Canon, Dissemination and Its People (co-edited with Lawrence Schiffman and Filip Vukosavovic, 10/23/2013 release); Biblical Evidence: Logical Approaches to Objectivity; Beyond Integration (co-edited with Todd Ream and David Riggs); Taking Every Thought Captive (co-edited with Don King et al), and; Buck Creek: True Stories to Tickle Your Mind (from his humorous newsprint columns w/ Paxton Media). Other books include Straight Talk: Clear Answers about Today’s Christianity; Why I Teach; The Purpose-guided Student; Helping Sophomores Succeed; and Visible Solutions for Invisible Students. Dr Pattengale is one of the leaders of Purpose-Guided Education ©, an approach to student success built around life’s ultimate questions and humanities curricula. Jerry contributes regularly to Books & Culture and the Washington Post, and speaks internationally on educational and ancient research topics. He received international acclaim for co-developing the Odyssey in Egypt initiative, which linked their excavation in Wadi Natrun, Egypt to schools in Western Michigan. He joins Drs. Dirk Obbink and Emanuel Tov as Co-Editor and Managing Editor for two series with Brill Publishing on the Green Collection. He has appeared on various radio and filmed specials, and cited in numerous international press releases and articles.