Staff & Scholars

Green Scholars Initiative, as the research arm of Museum of the Bible, enjoys both full-time and part-time experts in many fields.

Green Scholars Initiative is designed to provide hands-on access to rare and unpublished items in the Green Collection. However, the primary goal is to use this research as an opportunity to mentor participating students in both primary research and the publication process. This takes place under the direction of their professor (Scholar-Mentor), and support faculty found in the ranks of our Senior and Distinguished Scholars. Working with remarkable items in the Green Collection benefits students as well as professors, many of whom do not enjoy equal access to such materials. The Green Scholars Initiative democratizes research as it redefines excellence in teaching and scholarship.

Senior Scholars

Distinguished and Research Scholars

  • Christian Askeland, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Coptic Texts, Münster, Deutschland
  • Michelle Brown, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Illuminated Manuscripts, University of London, England
  • Robert Duke, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Hebrew Texts, Azusa Pacific University
  • Jeffrey Fish, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Greek Texts, Baylor University
  • Peter Head, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of New Testament Textual Criticism, Tyndale House, Cambridge & Fellow of St. Edmunds College, University of Cambridge
  • Marty Michelson, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Hebrew Texts, Southern Nazarene University
  • Curt Niccum, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Ethiopic Texts, Abilene Christian University
  • Stephen Pfann, PhD: Research Scholar, Middle East Artifacts, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem
  • David Riggs, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Latin Texts, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Benno van den Toren, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Dutch Texts, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford Distinguished Scholar, Professor of Intercultural Theology and Head of the Department of Systematic Theology at the Protestant Theological University in Groningen, Netherlands
  • Peter Williams, PhD: Distinguished Scholar of Aramaic Texts, Tyndale House, Cambridge

Regional Directors

Museum of the Bible Curatorial Staff

  • Michael Holmes, PhD: Executive Director of the Green Scholars Initiative
  • David Trobisch, PhD: Director of the Green Collection
  • Seth Pollinger, PhD: Assistant Director of the Green Collection
  • Karen York, PhD: Head of the Curatorial Department
  • Lance Allred, PhD: Curator of Cuneiform
  • Daniel Arnold: Director of Exhibits
  • Allyson Bold: Associate Registrar
  • Heather Bryant: Assistant Curator of Events
  • Norm Conrad: Curator of Americana and English Bibles
  • Josephine Dru, PhD: Curator of Papyri
  • Amy Van Dyke: Curator of Art and Education
  • Herschel Hepler: Assistant Curator
  • Susan Jones: Curator of Antiquities
  • Sherry Klein: Assistant Curator of Events
  • Francisco Rodriguez: Conservator