Dr. Christian Askeland

November 4, 2014: Coptic Manuscripts and the Rise of Egyptian Christianity


Christian Askeland serves as assistant research professor of Christian Origins at Indiana Wesleyan University, and also as central region director and distinguished scholar of Coptic manuscripts with the Green Scholars Initiative. His book John’s gospel: the Coptic translations of its Greek text (de Gruyter, 2012) won the International Association of Coptic Studies 2012 award for excellence. He is currently completing a critical edition of the Sahidic Coptic text of the Revelation of John for a German Research Fund project at the Protestant University of Wuppertal (Germany). Christian’s research broadly engages the task of reconstructing the earliest attainable text of the Greek New Testament, especially considering the use of early translations and the novel employment of digital publishing. He has also participated in the European Research Council sponsored NEWCONT project, reconsidering the Nag Hammadi Library within the context of fourth and fifth century monasticism.